Cat lady much October 17 2014

Our love for cats has been publicly documented. Just in case, you didn't know. When we are at a loss for what to post on our blog, our devoted cat illustrations usually come to the rescue. Like today. Enjoy. 

Sunday Find- the Chocolate chip cookie cup. May 04 2014

Our sunday is made. We found this.  If there's anything that qualifies for 'death by chocolate,' then this is probably it, people.  We just can't stop staring at that magnificent thing. Can you?  Image courtesy:  

Our Instagram Follows this week? Here goes! April 27 2014

We love Instagram, do follow us here. We like to follow a lot of lovely people on Instagram ourselves and we are going to pick our top new follows for this week. They are as follows: 1. Lenadunham - Because? We are sort of tripping on season 2 of Girls right now. Yes, we know- sort of late to the party but as long as we are here- why not? 2. Sharpie-...

Elle India recommends Urban Skinny April 23 2014

Elle India recommended Urban Skinny in their Hot Address section for shopping online.  They call Urban Skinny "a little gem" and we couldn't agree more:) Sorry for tooting our own horn! You can read the article here or take a look at the story right here. 

Mumbai Boss recommends Urban Skinny in their Good Buy section April 23 2014

Mumbai Boss, one of the coolest sites that most Mumbaikars follow for the latest updates on art, culture and the city, recently featured us in their Good Buy section. Woot, woot! We're so happy that we're going to chug some icy cold sangrias just to celebrate.  Have a look at the story here. And if you're too lazy to click, then we have the article right here.    

Urban Skinny <3's Hagara Stuff March 29 2014

Urban Skinny brings in Tel Aviv based artist Hagar Ben Yishay's quirky Animal collage series to India. Hagar  interprets animal heads in human forms, with a graphic sensibility that combines ironic wit with striking visuals that make you stop and think about the thought behind the artwork. This collage series came to Hagara when she was going through a bout of unemployment and was routinely sending off her resume to various companies...
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