Our Instagram Follows this week? Here goes! April 27 2014

We love Instagram, do follow us here. We like to follow a lot of lovely people on Instagram ourselves and we are going to pick our top new follows for this week. They are as follows:

1. Lenadunham - Because? We are sort of tripping on season 2 of Girls right now. Yes, we know- sort of late to the party but as long as we are here- why not?

2. Sharpie- Yes, as in the sharpie pen, that's right! We love stationery stores and every single thing that you can get inside one so sharpies hold a special place in our hearts. We can buy pens every single day and still some. But we digress- we follow them because they show you all these cool, creative things that you can do with sharpie pens. We're in love! 

3. Instagrafite- Because? We love street art and they curate some of the finest street art from across the world, so it's really like a gorgeous black hole of inspiration that you can keep getting sucked into, more and more. They feature new artists everyday and we've fallen in love with most of them.