Cat Head Femme Floral Art Print- Hagara


Tel Aviv based artist Hagar Ben Yishay brings a unique style of quirky to her Animal collage series of graphic art prints. She interprets animal heads in human forms, with a graphic sensibility that combines ironic wit with striking visuals that make you stop and think about the thought behind the artwork.  

This collage series came to Hagara when she was going through a bout of unemployment and was routinely sending off her resume to various companies for a job.

She says her collages tell a story, that feature elements both of illusion and of real life. She illustrates these moments by using out-of-the-ordinary connections, that is a human body and the head of an animal, psychedelic backdrops and weird situations. 

We don't know about you, but her prints totally rock our boat. 

Art Print measures 8.5 by 11 inches

Please note: Available as an art print*, and on Canvas. 

*Frame for representational purposes only. For price with frame, check variant details. 

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