Creative Ideas Moodboard


If you're suffering from a bit of Pinterest fatigue (we hear you!), here's a chance to create your own analogue creative mood-board, which can also double up as a memory board. (Hey, whatever corny term rocks your boat, we're not judging!)  

Whatever you call it, there are many ways to use this softboard to simplify your life. Use it as a handy way to put up your favourite holiday pictures or use it in the kitchen to display recipes as a handy guide. You can also, of course, use it to create a physical mood-board if you're creative like a lot of talented people we know.  

Moodboard measures 2 ft by 2 ft

(Please Note: There is likely to be a variation in the colour of the moodboard frame (with reference to the picture here) from time to time due to availability of raw materials from time to time. In case the natural wood frame shown in this image is not available, we will be replacing that with a white coloured frame. Please take that into account while placing your order)


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